Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Business Luncheon of 2006

Having my last business luncheon of this year at a new outfit in Bukit Damansara called Chef & Brew.......apparently was run by the same people that operate Victoria Station (that for me is not branding but rather debranding as Victoria Station's food is lousy and the price is on the high side). Three of us just ordered some soup and starters because probably too early and still full with breakfast.......well the soup is above average espacially the spicy oxtail soup but the starters is mixed, the chili lamb that VT had was not bad.

The ambience is very Aussie's Bistro style with open beverage counter and very raw floor and wall finishes. Lots of glass and sunlight comes in to the interior, overall not a bad place to hang around.....maybe dinner would be a better ambience and mood. If they could do an open kitchen like Sentral's Hilton will be a perfect touch....but i guess the cost will kill them.

After our brief discussions and the food was served, i am the itchy one to proposed for some alcohols to mark this significant luncheon as to celebrate the end of this year........VT and myself took my favourite Belgian's Hoegaarden and LF didn't drink as he have another meeting after the lunch............its my first time of having alcohols during luncheon and i was a bit sober when we left the place............



from: ”44歲之前一定要懂的63件事“

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Basque Lane

今日成日都好次神遊甘。。。。食lunch時行到lobby門口﹐Basque Lane個Kelvin頓咗係我面前然後拉咗我入去。。。。而而拒哋搞咗D花伸woh...成間野無甘暗同open咗。我例牌叫咗個Grill Fish with Grape White Sauce Set Lunch, 講開Basque Lane就要講Pasta因拒個Chef真係對整pasta sauce有一手﹐的確好味無論係cabonara,marinara或olive oil煮都係甘正。。。。。我就獨愛它門的ham,bacon and olive cabonara sauce 配fusili.......稔到都留口水

D80 Test Drive

Tonite finally have the oppotunity to test drive my new Nikon D80, took some pics of the fountain courtyard of Plaza Mont Kiara......while I so indulged into it those damn guards came and disturb me. I was damn soar and tell them off by telling their superior to come to my office tomorrow to look for me if they have a problem of me taking pictures of part of my property.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


去完Low Yat影相就行過去Sungei Wang提下個Diffuser Dome有貨未﹐點知出黎個時後多咗部D80........咳真係踏上不歸路羅。。。。。部D40以經原則上買咗等聽日交收且。

Christmas Day

因christmas eve成晚通宵做野訴以christmas day就好tired, 下午去咗Mont Kiara的Starbuck羅部P990i被個buyer. 交收之後真係頂吾順就去咗Renaisance的Earth SPA做二個session therapy,出黎之後成個人精神使。。。甘就去Low Yat貢下同練習下係magic hours的時後影夜街景。

Monday, December 25, 2006


Last week 有晚放工後好悶就係on the way翻屋企途中轉入去Mid Valley Mega Mall行下。。。。又心血來潮羅埋部D40影燈飾去也。。。。係果道影的時後吾覺滿意以且影影下個SB600閃燈無電。無電甘咪照影當習作羅。。。。。。哈點知返黎執執下然後用Nikon 跟機送騎Picture Project tweak 下D brightness 同sharpness個效果又吾係甘差woh.....我擺咗係Flickr﹐仲開埋個Pro account 黎擺相。。。請各位多多留覽同被下D意見小弟。


今日係聖誕節。。。。以經好多年無去countdown或食xmas dinner啦﹐由期甘年。。。不過真係希望D受到水災影嚮的災區快D有好轉啦。。。。以場百年不遇的大雨同水災令到好多人痛失家園﹐才物同性命。。。真係好少有。。。。。知到後好吾開心但又吾知點幫到忙為有 post個thread係mypdacafe.com看下D南部同東部的國人或forum member有物野消息同需要物野幫忙。


本來打算eve個晚搞騎但因一D fren 以經一早安排咗節目﹐甘為有局著早一晚搞羅。。。。。甘次D 野食到幾啱大家口味只係因有D fren黎吾到訴以份量方面失咗D預算。。。。不過好采吾係靜好多。想看尼個function的影集請到以下網址﹕


每年一過咗冬就好快有新年的氣氛了。。。。以前小時吾明白點解我哋屋企甘熱都叫過冬﹐勿冬天吾係有雪落騎咩﹖慢慢大了就明白尼D節日同習俗係我哋D祖先轉落黎的。。。雖然無雪落好失望但係心裡就多佐一份優越感。。。。。原來我D祖先有甘尤久的歷史﹐ 訴而之後就都紀重視D傳統節日因想有翻D identity.

甘last friday早D走連班豬朋狗友笑我old school都吾採拒哋就返屋企食飯。。。飯後仲去咗新開離我家只有五份鐘車程的Jusco行街同買星期六BBQ的食物。

間野好惦woh,好企理又好行不過因新“屎坑”訴以好多人。。。。有濟使訴有D international fastfood 啦﹐ Pizzahut, KFC, Starbuck....etc.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tony Roma........yummy

Tony Roma opened its first restaurant in Malaysia and its most famous dishes is barbeque ribs.....pork ribs but because Malaysia is an Islamic country therefore beef ribs is served instead.
Three of us went to Sunway Pyramid to try, we ordered one full rack of ribs ....7 pieces all together, salmon salad and a mixed starter.
Sorry i just dont have time to take the foods before we start what is shown here is the results of after just 10 minutes upon the foods is served....

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dome or "Doomed"

Today went to KLCC for some meeting and upon finished as usual our standard procedure is "Yum Cha" and we went to the newly renovated DOME at Suria's ground floor. Well most of us already probably know DOME specialty is its Gourmet Pies and my all time favourite would be its Beef Pie.
So we went on order it and to our totsl disappointment the pie is not as tasty as it used to be and the newly upgraded restaurant was very warm and the table we sat on was rocking like a rocking chair.........phew what these people is doing they are getting worse instead of improving.



Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Walk of Taste

Last weekend we throw a party for Mrs. Chong for her upcoming birthday so we went to a restaurant in Sri Petaling called Taste Walking. This place is genarally not very up market type but the food that served was with quality and the presentation will put lots of gournet restaurant to shame. Another fine example that good stuffs can be churned out just by giving a bit more thaught to it.

My First DSLR .... Nikon D40

After more then half a year of contempletion I finally jump into the bandwagon of DSLR by getting myself a D40 the new beginner model that Nikon launched specifically for beginner like me.