Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Again its a lazy sunday afternoon and after carried out the planned activities and lunch feel slightly sleepy and on the TV tuned to "Celestial Channel" it was playing Hou Hsio Hsien's "Cafe Lumiere" (咖啡的時光)so sat down and watched.

Frankly I dont' know how to appreciate the cinematography art of this movie or Hou's aristic language but I was captured by tranqaul atmosphere he created in his movie. Most of his scene the camera is fixed and only the actor move around it so I find that interesting and the whole mood quite suitable for a lazy sunday afternoon.

So then I remember the last movie directed by him that I like is 'A Summer at Granpa's" (冬冬的假期)which the whole mood and technique is quite similar to "Cafe Lumiere" especialy the tranquality. Not to mentioned because of the story background in 60's 70's Taiwan which have lots of similarity with my childhood so that's why I like it.

Anyway, some movie is only suitable to be watch with certain mood espacially on lazy sunday afternoon

Parallels Desktops

After yesterday's exercise I tried another, intslling "Parallels Desktops" on my MacBook. In a nutshell Parallels is actually a VM (virtualisation machine) software that emulate an environment that allowed other OS to run alongside OSX which can installed not just Windows (all windows from Win98, Me, 2000 etc.) but also BeOS, Linux and so on. I may not know the tech of it the details is here:

Again I took some shots and posted here to share :-)

Will try Windows 98 or Me later ideally I prefer Windows 2000 Professional to run along the OSX.

Boot Camp

Yesterday late evening I finally installed "Boot Camp Beta" on my MacBook, its been delayed due to the rush project for the last 2 week but then its finally done now. Posted here are some shots of the installation screen as well as the final Window XP UI on the Macbook.

I am using a Window XP Professional for this exercise. "Exercise" !!!! yes just exercise as I uninstalled everything after installing it just to satisfied myself that it really work but only slack is the version of Window XP I got hold on is rather "not complete" so some problems with the hardware config even after installing the Apple Driver CD created with Boot Camp.

Or if a bit of conspiracy theries here is Steve Jobs delibrately created Boot Camp to allowed Window user to experience first hand comparison of the smoothness of OS X and the clumsiness of Win XP :-) ............. nobody would know as its a beta version so no one can be so definite.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Search for "Myself"

Its a boring week as my moods are ridiculously fluctuating so i did a silly thing by first typing in my own name in google then my nickname "chiewata" to find out what is the search results.

When seaching for my fullname that's tonnes of results obviously because people who have the same family name with mine is in millions LOL ........ how stupid I am or probably i am after all not that bored yet so give up to see pages of the search results.

However when I search my nicname there's 2 pages of search reslts and to my surprised there's one thread in Sketchup Forum that mentioned about my works that posted at (now not exist) last year ........... what a wonderful world of WWW :) here's the link to the thread:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sharkfin Soup Without Sharkfin

Steam fish

Bittergout fried egg

Kopi pork rib

Taufoo Soup

As I said earlier I was refraining myself in Bon Odori to go all out to 'EAT' because after the festival party we adjourned to a shop in Klang for dinner and this shop specialized in steam fish head and a taufoo soup that taste exactly like sharkfin soup but without sharkfin. So those WWF supporter can eat without any guilt :)

Restoran Happy Village
39, Jalan Satu, Kawasan 16, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Berkeley, 41300 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-33430933

Bon Odori

We went to the Bon Odori Festival held in Matshushita Stadium on Saturday (15 July 2006) and it was a huge party with lots of Japanese of course and locals too. When the focus of the festival is the traditional Bon Odori folk dance and Taiko (big drum) perfomance but at a corner there's food stalls that sells almost all the japanese snacks you can find but local food too. There's grill food, rice, noodles, pastry, deserts and beers. I was over joy but was refraining myself from only going for the rare bits so i took some okonomiyaki, squid teriyaki and sandwich made from japanese bread (it is the most delicious bread I ever tasted).

Fruit Platter

As a start will post a fruit platter I have last year in Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Kota Kinabalu give me lots of surprises as its a city by the sea and the water front is so lean and the water is very clear.
Besisdes the seafood in KK is so "damp" good and until now my sliver still drops once talk about it, unfortunately i didn't took much photos for that.