Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Portable Multimedia Recoder

上星期終於溫到我要的PMR了呢個仲有120GB hardisk 架!!!


• Up to 120GB capacity to save all data : movie, music, photo & document.

• Supports all memory cards with high speed data backup.

• Video Player - View all movie anytime & anywhere.

• Ability to fast forward, rewind and pause when watching video.

• Audio - music library on the go

• Plays MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC • Video Recorder - records video from TV, DVD or satelite receiver

• Support TV, DVD with AV-Out jack

• Recording resolution: QVGA 30fps, format : MPEG IV

• FM radio - 18 channels / build in speaker

• OTHERS : Games, view file & direct printing support


SkyHorse said...

powerful harddisk space loh...are u craving for hi-tech gadgets? cool! how much arh?

Ng Chee Chiew said...

3L, its RM1450 lah.........yes i am a gadget freak......the HDD performance is good and fast especially like the video recording feature.....no need Astro MAX.....hahaha