Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mud Crab in Butter Cream Sauce

As mentioned earlier last week end is my Bday, so a group of my best friends treat me at one of our favourite food hang out "Siu Siu Restaurant". What is the specialities of this place .................. oh ..... many, namely mud crab steam rice, crab vermicelli, mud crab in butter cream sauce, thai style roast pork knuckle and it have lots of rare species wild catched fresh water fish like sultan fish and those that i cant' translate their names.

But my all time favourite is mud crab in butter cream sauce and fried "mantau" to dip the sauce :-D.

Another reason why I like this restaurant is the environment and ambience, its located in a area with lots of greenery and exactly like the village home that most of us grown up so very cozy and cooling.

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