Sunday, September 17, 2006

Phuket Revisited

Before the 2004 Tsunami I been to Phuket for twice, earlier this month I visit Phuket again but was really surprise by the rebuilding works because there's no trace of the disaster at all but yet still its much quiter then my previous few visit.

Overall its an enjoyable trip with lots of party time all night long and food is of course one of the main event. This time I discover a new thai dishes that I loved it so much, its called "Fried Padthai" which actually looks like and taste like kuey teow only thing is, it is thinner. We can choose fried with seafood, beef or chicken then there's some crushed peanuts and spring onion as garnished.

Even after such a tragic disaster Phuket is still an excellent destination for holiday.

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