Sunday, November 11, 2007

Delay or no more

Well in this rare occasion would like to blog this in English mainly because its a more rationale language.

The recent incident involving Hong Kong based home furnishing and casual fashion outlet G.O.D had sparked a heated debate in the Hong Kong society on issues of restriction on freedom of speech in this former British Colony which had been previously regarded by many as one of the most liberal society in Asia.

The general concerned of the critics who distaste this high profile arrest and confiscation of merchandise suspected to be triad related promotional material from a furnishing outlet is the increasing attempt by the HKSAR law enforcement agency's to control the freedom of speech.

But those allegedly triad related t-shirt is nothing more then a fun play of double meaning words that reflects the sub-culture in its local context.

For myself this incident is nothing new in Asia region where the local government through various channel try to suppress the freedom of speech. But sadly as this incident clearly indicate that Hong Kong had been slowly transformed into a police state or in Chip Tsao words in his radio programme "Talibanization".

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