Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sharkfin Soup Without Sharkfin

Steam fish

Bittergout fried egg

Kopi pork rib

Taufoo Soup

As I said earlier I was refraining myself in Bon Odori to go all out to 'EAT' because after the festival party we adjourned to a shop in Klang for dinner and this shop specialized in steam fish head and a taufoo soup that taste exactly like sharkfin soup but without sharkfin. So those WWF supporter can eat without any guilt :)

Restoran Happy Village
39, Jalan Satu, Kawasan 16, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Berkeley, 41300 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-33430933


KS Gam said...

I like this Tao Fu Soup too, it tatse like sharkfin but made by tao fu actually.
BTW, you using your e61 to take the photos?

Ng Chee Chiew said...

Hi KS yeah u being a Klang "地膽“sure know this place :)
My E61 no camera one lah so I took with my Lumix FX01.