Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Again its a lazy sunday afternoon and after carried out the planned activities and lunch feel slightly sleepy and on the TV tuned to "Celestial Channel" it was playing Hou Hsio Hsien's "Cafe Lumiere" (咖啡的時光)so sat down and watched.

Frankly I dont' know how to appreciate the cinematography art of this movie or Hou's aristic language but I was captured by tranqaul atmosphere he created in his movie. Most of his scene the camera is fixed and only the actor move around it so I find that interesting and the whole mood quite suitable for a lazy sunday afternoon.

So then I remember the last movie directed by him that I like is 'A Summer at Granpa's" (冬冬的假期)which the whole mood and technique is quite similar to "Cafe Lumiere" especialy the tranquality. Not to mentioned because of the story background in 60's 70's Taiwan which have lots of similarity with my childhood so that's why I like it.

Anyway, some movie is only suitable to be watch with certain mood espacially on lazy sunday afternoon

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