Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boot Camp

Yesterday late evening I finally installed "Boot Camp Beta" on my MacBook, its been delayed due to the rush project for the last 2 week but then its finally done now. Posted here are some shots of the installation screen as well as the final Window XP UI on the Macbook.

I am using a Window XP Professional for this exercise. "Exercise" !!!! yes just exercise as I uninstalled everything after installing it just to satisfied myself that it really work but only slack is the version of Window XP I got hold on is rather "not complete" so some problems with the hardware config even after installing the Apple Driver CD created with Boot Camp.

Or if a bit of conspiracy theries here is Steve Jobs delibrately created Boot Camp to allowed Window user to experience first hand comparison of the smoothness of OS X and the clumsiness of Win XP :-) ............. nobody would know as its a beta version so no one can be so definite.


Anonymous said...

it sound good but is it smoothly ?

Ng Chee Chiew said...

not really