Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mission Accomplished.......Camper

今次黎港有三大任務﹐第一係參家Treo750v Party, 第二係見下HKPUG的committee member, 三就係買我最中意的Camper鞋啦。Camper(係西班牙一個歷史猶久的鞋廠訴出D鞋係好舒服同設計特別,不過吾係道道都有得賣係asia只係Thailand,Hong Kong, China, Japan & Korea有shop,Malaysia&Singapore都無得賣。。。。訴以咪黎HK掃貨羅。今次修獲好大買佐三對仲有幸羅到Camper少有的限量版shoe care kit...Camper好巴幣的吾只無offer就連以依D贈品都好罕有的。我買的其中一對種係好難買到的Camper經典Wabi﹐係HK啱啱有五對我買到最後一對41號的。。。。不過覺得好敗家因以經好多鞋啦。。。阿媽一定俄我的。


keeekeee said...

yes we can get the camper shoe in KL :) but not so many of them. Try KLCC. good luck :)

Chiewata said...

Thks for the headup bro....will try to look see look see but i believed the choice is limited loh....hehehe

keeekeee said...

do u buy alot gadget fr HK? where is the best place u got? and better price? pls come to my blog and let me know abt it. thanks. I am currently using 838Pro. Thinking to get the VGA o2 Flame. Hand itchy :) wat do u think? still happy with ya Samsung i600?