Saturday, November 04, 2006

Zang Toi's Chocolate Banana Cakes

It never appear to me that I would eat in places like Zang Toi but this afternoon while having my hair cut, through the conversation with my hair stylist he briefly mentioned about Zang Toi's cakes .
Since I haven't have my lunch I decided to give it a try. Generally speaking the ala carte food on the menu is nothing fantastic just average local bistro stuff the soup and salad I odered is below average.
So I decided to put my hope on the dessert instaed so I go on ordered a Chocolate Banana Cakes and a mint tea. True enough the cakes didn't let me down as the rich chocolate cakes layered with fresh bananas topped with hot choc sauce, a perfect sinful combination.

Its Zang Toi West 57th St. Cafe, second floor, Sg. Wang Plaza.

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