Saturday, July 14, 2007


她終予離開我門了。。。那晚她安祥的躺在殯儀館之濟我做訪她家。在小茶几上看見那包她生前最喜歡的Virginia Slim就知那不是偶然﹐我好自然的拿起点了一支給她自己易抽一根。就樣我用這獨特的方式為這位易師易友的前輩說道別同守靈把。


在她那學會的有些我是明白了但大部份是要在我往後的人生旅途裡慢慢的細味。但她常說的一句”let it be sweet and short rather then long and agony” 不 就是她一生的最佳寫照麼﹖ 她半生與病魔博斗但到最後一分鐘都不放棄堅強樂觀的去面對不正是她留給我門的最寶貴一課。


She finally left us ……that night when she peacefully sleep in the funeral parlour, I visited her home. On the coffee table outside the terrace I saw that packet of her favourite Virginia Slim and I know its not a coincidence. I spontaneously open the box and light one for her and another for myself…….and I think this could be the form of unorthodox yet casual farewell she might want it.

Just like that pack of cigarette knowing her is probably not a coincidence…..from the skepticism in the early stage to where she lend me her hand when I needed it most, in just a few months I learn from her some of the basic things that distinguished us as human like love and trust which I almost have forgotten.

Some of the things that I learned from her I could digested it immediately but most of it will have to be digest along the journey of my life. Her favourite phrase “let it be sweet and short rather then long and agony” to me is the best to describe her life. She fight for survival half of her life and never give up yet live it full with fun and love…..that probably is the greatest lesson she had taught us.

Knowing her is probably had been destine …… where she provide me guidance to how to live the second half my life to the fullest…….Farewell Lady Jade.

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SkyHorse said...

Her short and sweet stint in life and in our path of life have opened up our heart and soul, for the selflessness to people she just made acquaintance with.

I missed leong leong, her departure brought us closer and we'll remember her for a long long time!