Saturday, March 03, 2012


對於巴里島的食物我冇乜概念因每次都是吃西式的爲主、唯獨是鴨與乳豬最爲印像深,記憶中那鴨是與我們中餐的香酥鴨近似。今次來遊玩如能的話我都盡量想試下巴里本土嘢,所以見到乾淨企理的有local food 供應的餐廳都會試下。

第一晚去了靠近Discovery Center的一家餐廳就試到了我曾食過的Bebek Goreng (炸鴨),而最後一晚卻又在酒店同排隔兩間的餐聽吃了Bebek Tutu (香料炆鴨)。同場加影的我們還試了一味叫Ayam Ragi Ragi的咖喱雞,至於乳豬我哋就無縁了因爲一定要兩天前預訂才有得食。


 Ayam Ragi Ragi味道與我們家的Ayam Rendang很近似只是椰漿少了
 Bebek Goreng味道似香穌鴨但這家做的與我十年前在U bud田野間食到的略為遜色

Bebek Tutu比Bebek Goreng稍軟熟明顯是用炸了的鴨再用大量以香茅(lemon grass)為主的香料從新炆過


fahmi chester said...

hello, im chester,
currently in liverpool, doing degree over here,
i just notice in your fb page that u have made a leather camera case,
i would like to make it by myself, but i dont know the correct leather type to buy,
for sure its not the soft sofa-like leather, what kind of leahter did you use, and if i would like to order it from online, what name shoould i use, i mean, the leather type, (the one that look like a man belt-thick-leather).

so, what 'kind' and 'type' or 'name' of leather did you use?
i just want to know these because i cant order it online without knowing the correct one.
many thanks. :)

Chiewata said...

Hi Chester,

I prefer to use natural vegetable tanned leather for my leather craft projects, my preferred thickness is 1mm to 1.5mm mainly because anything thicker or thinner will be firm enough structurally.

Since natural vegetable tanned leather does not come with any colour I will do my own dyeing as well. If you need to order some of these stuffs I mentioned above you can visit Tandy Leather Factory

Hope the above info be helpful to you and enjoy your new venture.